So are Cuomo and DEC admitting there are problems?

Lack of siting committee ...... Land use issues (wetland and agricultural tillable land) ...

Who are residents to turn to when their local government is not knowledgeable on how to be lead agency on a Type 1 project(known to affect the environment adversely) that also affects areas outside their jurisdiction??

According to these letters .... not the Governor or the DEC!

The follwing photos of documents are in response to Wawayanda resident concerns sent to the Governors Office Environmental Department. The concerns being that the Town of Wawayanda Planning Board was not doing due diligence, giving a good hard look at new information, and that DEC permits and approvals were being given on data that was missing, incorrect, presumptive, and often false.

More Cuomo Contacts Involved with CPV Valley!!!

The CPV Valley Emergency Response Plan from 2008 has Captain Stephen Nevins from the NYS Troopers involved and Mr. Scott Bonacic as consulting attorney for CPV Valley. Captain Stephen Nevins was promoted to the Governors Protective Detail in 2010 and Mr. Scott Bonacic is the son of Senator John Bonacic.

Water Permit?????

The NYS DEC Wetland Act requires a 100Ft barrier around Federal and DEC wetlands. Please read the following permit, take heed of the dates, and why did Chris Hogan sign this permit in 2014 when the permit was active from 2013 to 2018 and the DEC Wetland Remapping was to take place in Orange County in 2012? However Senator Bonacic, Senator Larkin, the OCPartnership, Town of Wawayanda, and other towns fought the wetland remapping claiming it would be bad for business projects already in the works. So who is protecting Orange County water sources and integrity?? No one!

Informing and Fighting for the Rights of All People

Lack of action on your part today will affect how you live the rest of your life. Please educate yourself and stand with your fellow residents to fight for your rights.

This site is dedicated to informing Orange County NY about projects and issues that affect the health and wealth of the residents of Orange County and beyond ... into other counties and states.

One of the current projects that will adversely affect the entire county is the CPV Valley Energy Center.

CPV Valley Energy Center is not a clean and safe power plant.

There are many known and unknown hazards of running this plant.

This site is dedicated to giving you the facts and you decide what you are going to do with those facts.




Gov. Cuomo Bans Fracking But Supports Fracking Projects?????

The NYS Ban on Fracking does not stop projects selling frack gas(it has been being sold to our utility companies since approximately 2008) using frack gas, moving frack gas, storing frack gas, or dumping frack material!

Now Millenium Pipeline documentation has "hydraulic" drilling described in how it plans to lay the 8 mile pipeline from the Minisink Compressor to the CPV Valley Energy Center. "Frac mud" is described as a material by-product from the process.

Once again a play on words, dialogue twisted and misspelled to keep internet researchers from searching documents for key words and phrases to find banned processes.

Contact Governor Cuomo today!

Fracking or no fracking???? What does the ban really stop???


The CPV Valley/Millenium Lateral Pipeline Project is just one example of how everything you hear about protecting the environment and the people of the US is just window dressing. Money talks and big business rules ... there is no justice when it comes to the "Power Industry War" we are all going to be victims of the battle.

Question Cuomo on how this Project decreases the Green House Gas emissions for New York State(CPV is not replacing any power plants in the local region)!

Actually Danskammer in Newburgh and Cricket Valley in Dutchess County are in the process of approval also!

Indian Point has three reactors each with their own contract/lease so there may be talk of decommissioning one reactor, but the other two will still operate! We do not see Indian Point closing in the near future.

So Orange County and New York State will potentially have 3 gas powered power plants and one nuclear plant all concentrated within a 50 mile radius of each other.


Someone(Cuomo) isn't doing their homework!!!

New York State has one of the largest population decreases in the nation!

With these power plants .... what is Cuomo trying to do????

If you decide to stay in NY your days might be numbered here anyway!

Contact Cuomo  and ask him what he is thinking!!!!

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